Stretch and Strength With Dahlia Fatale

Stretch and Strength With Dahlia Fatale

Increase your flexibility and strength from the comfort of your own home. These videos will allow you to select the parts of the body you prefer to work on each day. The collection currently includes a warm up, hip stretch, back stretches, back stretches using the wall, and a cool down. More content is to come!

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Stretch and Strength With Dahlia Fatale
  • Stabilizing Back For Tricks

    Now that your back is nice and warm, it's time to dig deeper and start preparing for some tricks. Practice these with a friend, or make sure someone is near by to help out. Take it slow and be careful!

  • Shoulder Stretching

    Grab a chair and get stretching. This series will help you open up your shoulders and chest, and stretch any tension you may be carrying from hours at computer desks.

  • Death Abs

    Done back stretching? Want to warm up your core? This is the perfect series for you! This practice only takes 5 minutes and will work your entire core. Video comes with an additional 2 minutes to mix and match with

  • The Warm Up

    This short video will guide viewers through a quick series of warm up activities to get your heart pumping and your body moving. Check in with your body before moving forward. Be sure that you are feeling warm and ready to get into some deeper stretching.

  • Hips Towards The Splits

    This series is designed to open the hips for general hip flexibility. It can be used on its own or as a warm up for back stretching. It is important to stretch and open your hips before diving into deep back stretching. Be sure to do both sides, as show in the video!

  • Back Stretch and Strength

    This series is intended to be practiced after a full warm up and hip stretch. In this video we will be working on building back strength and accessing all parts of the back, focusing largely on the upper and middle portions of the spine.

  • Upright Back Stretching

    This series of exercise is meant to be done only after a full warm up and hip stretch. In this series we will explore ways to stretch the back and shoulders using a wall for support.

  • Cool It Down

    Cooling down is just as important as warming up. Use this video as a guideline for bringing your body back to neutral, reducing soreness and generally concluding your practice.

  • Forward Folding

    Work your hamstrings, calves, feet, back and more in this forward folding intensive.

  • Middle Splits and Glutes

    A series of exercises to help build strength in the glutes to perform safe middle splits and straddles without causing pain to the knees.